National Library of Cosenza

Piazza A.Toscano (Cosenza)

The National Library of Cosenza, founded in 1978, by decree signed by Minister Dario Antoniozzi, which detached section of the National Library of Naples, from September 17, 1985 began its activities in the former Archiepiscopal Seminary, purchased by the Department and used as the headquarters of the Institute, which subsequently, autonomy is given December 4, 1991 from Naples and, therefore, added to the list of national libraries.
Today, the library is, in addition to ex-Seminary building started at the end of the 19th century-the adjacent palazzo Barracco, donated by the municipality of Cosenza in loan for use for 99 years. The wing of the Seminary are located for the public rooms-room Museum on the ground floor; newspaper library and rare and precious room on the first floor, room reading, and media room on the second floor-room addition to the demonstrations, at last. In the other are Plexus, and offices, more easily accessible by the visually impaired, Braille section, conveniently located near the entrance. The entire surface of the Institute is, however, accessible to the disabled.
Even today the national Chang remains the only State public library on the Calabrian territory, between major difficulties both functional and logistical, to escape the most varied demands of the entire region, consolidating its role as a cultural centre.
The BNCS, in addition to the institutional task of conservation and valorisation of their heritage, promotes the culture in its many facets, by offering exhibitions, conferences, theater performances and concerts, along with all those other tasks that may be from corollary.
Receives, legal deposit, all editorial and typographic production of the region Calabria.

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