State Library of the National Monument of Montecassino

Via Montecassino (Cassino)

The State Library of Montecassino National Monument was established as a public institution in 1866. However the origins of the collections date back to the first half of the century, when Benedict of Nursia at Monte Cassino he gathered the first community of monks. Most of the manuscripts preserved in the library were esemplati in the same scriptorium of the Abbey and therefore constitute a rare example of organic development of a library collection. The collection of printed ancient is the result of a targeted campaign expansion pursued by heritage cassinesi monks in XVII-XVIII centuries. Even today the old printed preserve ordering given by the librarians of those centuries. Together with the ancient heritage the library of Montecassino possesses a vast modern Fund growth constant caring especially the scientific update of sections of law, history, literature, theology and religious studies, art.
Along with the assets of the State Library users can freely consult the private funds of the monastic community.

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