Napoli Sotterranea

Piazza San Gaetano 68 (Naples)

Oggi: 10:00 AM-6:00 PM
3:43 PM-3:43 PM

The Naples underground cavities were created by Greek colonists who in the fourth century BC, when it began to extract the stone material needed to build the city that sits above them: Neapolis, the new city, which is located in the district, was enclosed in Wire a rectangular perimeter, whose walls were following the path of via Foria, Costantinopoli Street North West , the road adjacent to Castel Capuano to the East and to the South the sea, which then came to the present-day corso Umberto I.

There are different routes to access the underground network and former anti-aircraft shelters. You can see one of these shelters in via Sant'Anna di Palazzo, a Chiaia, alternating between tanks and cave, tunnels and pits, remnants of the Graeco-Roman period and catacombs, and passages that connect various parts of the city also are countless kilometers away and Piazza San Gaetano where he visited theGreek-Roman Aqueduct.

The dungeons were used as air-raid shelters to protect themselves from catastrophic bombings that struck the city.

The cavities were lit and arranged to accommodate dozens of people to the sound of the siren made haste to get down the stairs descending deeply. Remains of furniture, graffiti and various items in excellent condition still bear witness to the great fear of bombings and numerous times in the day lived in shelters, making emerge a cross-section of important and tragic life in the city's history. The cavities are also home to the War Museum.



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