Loggia del Mercato Nuovo

Piazza di Mercato Nuovo (Florence)

Loggia del Mercato Nuovo is the popular name of the loggia del Mercato Nuovo in Florence. It was originally intended to sell silks and precious object from the 19th century and the famous straw hats in Florence, while today we sell mostly leather goods and souvenirs.

The Fontana del Porcellino

Focal point is the Porcellino fountain, actually a "boar" in bronze. Popular tradition has it that touch the nose of Miss Piggy brings good luck. The complete procedure to obtain a good omen would put a coin in the mouth after having Piglet rubbed your nose: If the coin falling through the grate where it falls the water will bring good luck, otherwise not.

The stone of the scandal or the acculata

It is a round two-coloured marble in the center of the lodge visible when there are stalls. Stone was the exact spot where the debtors were punished in Renaissance Florence. The punishment was to imprison the unfortunates and once dropped his pants were beaten repeatedly on the buttocks, according to acculata. From this practice humiliating would be born of popular sayings like being with her ass to the ground and, perhaps, the expression, i.e. sculo misfortune.



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