Roman columns

Colonne romane (Brindisi)

The Roman columns of Brindisi is a monument located at the city's port. Originally there were two twin columns, unique architectural landscape of antiquity. As such were depicted since the 14th century as the emblem of the city. Following the collapse of one of the two columns in 1528, the monument remained incomplete.
Meanwhile nel1657 the plague began to sow death in the Kingdom of Naples, but fortunately did not touch the Terra d'Otranto. In Lecce, where he believed there was an intercession of St. Horace, the people wanted to build a monument to the Patron Saint and the Mayor of Brindisi Carlo Sam decided to offer the pieces fall column, damaged and abandoned.

The column is located on the top of the Virgilian Staircase. It seems that here was the House of the poet Virgil.



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