Villa Comunale Park Karol Wojtyła

Piazza Camillo Benso Cavour (Foggia)

It is the second largest public park in the central-southern Italy. Inside there is an archaeological dig on a Neolithic village and a picturesque forest on a small hill. The main entrance is the imposing portico, consisting of 28 Doric columns arranged in two rows, designed in 1820 by engineer Luigi Oberty who was also the design of the façade of the Church of St. Francis Xavier, theatre and Hospice "Maria Cristina" and the Church of Madonna della Croce (or snow).

Built in 1827, the porch or the propylaeum of the Villa Comunale was destroyed by bombing in World War II, was rebuilt in 1950. The niches of the Pronaos replaced the previous Windows and not ever held real statues.



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