Palazzo Fizzarotti

Piazza Garibaldi (Bari)

Built on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II and dramatically expanded in the years 1905-1907 by Ettore Bernich and Augustus Charles, is an imposing building in the eclectic style. Many of the stylistic elements of Romanesque are fused with different architectural traditions. The façade consists of three Venetian-style floors on which opens a light Gallery, colonnade is a homage to the liberation of the City occupied by the Saracens made by the Venetian Republic in 1002. The Interior can be accessed by an impressive marble entrance hall, hosting various decorations that recall the era of Frederick II, allegories of the economic activities of Puglia and esoteric symbols. The building is now used for residential use, but also houses a multi-purpose centre with exhibition halls.



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