Sant'Agata Cathedral

via vittorio emanuele 163 (Catania)

The Cathedral is located in the historical centre of the city, is on the Southeast side of piazza del Duomo. Is dedicated to the Virgin and martyr, patroness of the city of Catania.
The façade has three Corinthian composite orders, and penthouse completely in Carrara marble.
The wooden main door consists of thirty-two, finely carved panels, illustrating episodes from the life and martyrdom of Saint Agatha, coat of arms of several Popes and Bishop Peter Galletti and symbols of Christianity.
Houses the sarcophagi of Royals of Aragon.

At the end of the right aisle is the chapel more dear to all citizens. An elaborate wrought iron artwork of Salvatore Sciuto 1926 Pattidel protects the magnificent chapel dedicated to Saint Agatha. In the left side it opens the finely decorated Golden Gate which gives access to the call from Catania 's cammaredda, in which they kept the reliquary bust of Saint Agatha and the casket with his relics.



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