Corso Vittorio Emanuele 1 (Palermo)

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Palermo is dedicated to the Holy Virgin Mary assumed into heaven, From July 3, 2015 is part of world heritage (Unesco) as part of the "Arab-Norman Route to Palermo, Cefalù and Monreale.

Within the Imperial and Royal Tombs of the Normans, Frederick II with a baldachin with columns made of porphyry and the URN is supported by two pairs of lions, Peter II of Aragon, Constance of Aragon, wife of Frederick II, Constance of Sicily, Roger II's daughter and mother of Frederick II.

A railing and balusters railing protects the space in front of the façade, on the pillars demarcating the gates are placed the statues of St. Joseph, St. Peter, St. Paul and St. Francis of Paola. An intricate, how spectacular wilderness of neo-Gothic bell towers built in the medieval tower of the Archbishop is facing with two towers that delimit the western façade of the Cathedral

East Prospect or Piazza dei Sette Angeli is an admirable example of lava inlay decorations, namely floral and geometric shapes in lava stay between Tuff.
Southern Elevation or Via Vittorio Emanuele or formerly strada del Cassaro, Word of Arabic origin indicating the "fortification". The right side of the building is characterized by advanced turrets and a large porch in Catalan Gothic style, erected around 1465.

The coronation Lodge

On the left side of the Cathedral is the chapel building from which overlooks the so-called Coronation Lodge ". According to tradition, after the coronation in the Cathedral, the monarchs of Sicily were your subjects facing the raised space presenting for the first time.



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