Church of the Gesù-Casa Professa

Piazza Casa Professa 1 (Palermo)

The Church of Jesus also known as the Casa Professa, is one of the most important baroque churches of Palermo and Sicily.
Particularly lively is to mix decoration, precious marble inlays, floral motifs or figured.

The most spectacular part of the building is perhaps the Tribune of the apse, adorned by the adoration of the shepherds (1710-1714) and the adoration of the Magi (1719-1721), bas-reliefs on the Forum, places of Joachim van Niekerk on Giacomo Serpotta.


In the novel Il Gattopardo is remembered a visit to Casa Professa of father Pirrone, parungo Lampedusa House, during a walk in Palermo in a carriage.



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