Vucciria market

piazza caracciolo 1 (Palermo)

Oggi: 8:00 AM-2:00 PM

The Vucciria is Palermo's historic market, along with other named boss, Ballarò, flea market and Laiche.
The name of this market comes from the word Bucceria, from French boucherie, which means butcher. The market was initially intended to slaughter (the Angevin period and it stood one) and the sale of the meat. He later became a market for the sale of fish, fruit and vegetables. In ancient times it was called "the great Bucciria" to distinguish it from the smaller markets. "Vucciria" nouns meaning "Confusion". Today, the confusion of voices that overlap and the cries of vendors ( abbanniati) is one of the elements that characterize this market, Palermo.
You can find many places that sell drinks and corners where you sell street food.

A famous painting by Guttuso of 1974, entitled "Vucciria of Palermo", and admirable at Palazzo Steri, represents the life of Vucciria, and features a cheerful hubbub of transformed by painter bagherese stalls in a phantasmagorical tapestry of smells and colours.



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