VIA SAN PIETRO, 6 (Codroipo)

Oggi: Chiuso

% 25 °

A thematic heritage on the world of cab, consisting of 44 cars of XIX-XX centuries with its travel accessories, harnesses for attack, hand-crafted horses life size and a saddlery, coming from a single owner, the collector Antonio Lauda (Foggia 1925-Codroipo 2000). Considerable scope for the ethnographic evidence of cars manufactured by the most famous body of that time in Europe and for the variety of types, including a model for driving school license, various models for the transportation of children, nine horses made in plaster and papier mache, from different backgrounds, Hungarian, Russian, European and Turkey. Travel accessories, whips, whips, trumpets, Callum and antique collars, in particular a travel comodina in walnut, recently donated to the Museum.

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