VIA UDINE, 67 (Codroipo)

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Peter Parekh, owner of the company, start, starting in 1970, collecting items of interest related to the history of vine and wine dating between 1600 and 1930, the historical period in which any object or tool useful to human activities was made by hand.
On an exhibition area of 1000 sqm are exposed about 5000 objects that speak of Grapevine and wine as a drink known and appreciated by people from different walks of. This exhibition includes a large collection of vintage glasses (glass collection) and bottles of wine of high time (glass wine collection), as well as several related objects of decoration and wine.
On the ground floor you can admire an exhibition of very refined and particular objects made by master glassmakers of Murano island between 1500 and 1800.
Moving to the first floor leads to a vast area which houses the history of wine bottle and reconstructs the ancient workshops related to the production and sale of wine.
Among the ancient craft goes the glassmaker reported with the furnace and the tools used to create the bottles; the distillery with a Distiller of 1700; the printing of the labels with the appropriate tools, press pedal type and stone molds; La fabbrica delle botti with axes, drills, planers, lathes and the Cork workshop with lathes, drilling machine, rotating the distillery lane. Then there is an exhibition space devoted to the figure of the wine-grower with apparel and various tools used to perform various operations. Ideally ends the path the old Tavern rebuilt in detail.

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