piazza Galvani 1 (Bologna)

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The Archiginnasio of Bologna is one of the most significant buildings of the city: located in the heart of the old town, was the site of the ancient University and is now the seat of the Biblioteca Comunale dell'archiginnasio.
The Palace is built on two floors with the front porticoed courtyard and a double order of loggias. In the Centre of the courtyard, in front of the entrance is the Cappella di s. Maria dei Bulgari.
Among the historical main emergencies include the anatomical Theatre, a room dedicated to the study of the anatomy Amphitheater-shaped, built of fir wood, coffered ceiling, and decorated with statues.

Also the Sala dello Stabat Mater, named in memory of the first performance of the same opera by Gioachino Rossini on March 18, 1842 tenutavi under the direction of Gaetano Donizetti.



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