Palazzo del Podestà

piazza maggiore 1 (Bologna)

The palazzo del Podestà was built around nel1200, along with Piazza Maggiore as building for public functions, and then seat of the podestà and his officials.
The lower part of the building is decorated with hundreds of panels with floral pattern, all different from each other.

Between the Palazzo del Podestà and Palazzo Re Enzo is the Voltone del Podestà, a ribbed Vault supported at the corners by four pillars surmounted by two terracotta statues representing the patron saints of the city, Saint Petronius, Proculus, St. Dominic and St. Francis, all made by Alfonso Lombardi in 1525.

The Voltone del Podestà was known in ancient times as the place where hangings were performed, clearly visible from the side of the main square as a warning to the people; You can still see the beams that were fixed ropes.

Curious about the peculiarities of the acoustics of the Vault: If you speak softly against one of the four corners of the Vault, who is in one of the other corners, always facing the wall, can hear clearly how whispered.



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