Palazzo Ducale-Military Academy

piazza roma 15 (Modena)

The Ducal Palace of Modena was the seat of the Este Court between XVII and XIX century. The unification of Italy, the Palace houses the Military Academy of Modena.
The majestic façade of the Palace, relieved chromatic game of marbles, was recently restored. The main door leads to the "Cour d'honneur", home of the military ceremonies, and the evocative "staircase". In the Central Hall is noteworthy the ceiling, frescoed in 1700s by Marco Antonio Franceschini with the coronation of Bradamante, founder of Este, already celebrated by Ariosto in Orlando furioso.

Impressive testimony to the magnificence of the small modenese Court in the 18th century is the "Golden Lounge", the work of the Cabinet of Duke Francis III, who in 1756 made him play and decorate with panels of gold.



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