Palazzo della Pilotta

Piazza della Pilotta (Parma)

Oggi: Chiuso

The Palazzo della Pilotta, also called simply the Pilotta is a vast collection of buildings. The name derives from the game of pelota, practiced by Spanish soldiers in the courtyard of Guazzatoio, originally called of pelota.

Within the present building are:

  • Museo archeologico nazionale di Parma
  • Paolo Toschi Art Institute
  • Biblioteca Palatina
  • Bodoni Museum
  • Teatro Farnese
  • Galleria Nazionale di Parma

Outside the building are:

  • Glauco Lombardi Museum in via Garibaldi, which mostly preserves works of art from the period of Maria Luigia.
  • The monument to Giuseppe Verdi.
  • The monument to the partisan.
  • Piazzale della Pace: a large area of lawn in the heart of Parma, attended meeting place.



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