Basilica of San Vitale

via san vitale (Ravenna)

Exemplary masterpiece of early Christian and Byzantine art, the basilica is inserted, since 1996, in the list of world heritage sites by UNESCO, within the serial site "early Christian monuments of Ravenna".

The focal point of the mosaic is located in the presbytery. On the top surface of the apsidal arch two angels in flight hold a clypeus solar sides Christological are the heavenly Jerusalem and Bethlehem. The basin is the Christ Pantocrator, seated on a globe azure, between two archangels with ilRotolo by seven seals in one hand while the other hand holds the triumphant Crown San Vitale.

Famous mosaics are located within two panels below the lunettes of the lower order in specular position, with the procession of the Emperor Justinian and his wife Theodora.



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