Battistero Neoniano

via Gioacchino Rasponi (Ravenna)

Oggi: 10:00 AM-4:45 PM
2:52 PM-2:52 PM

The Neonian baptistery, also known as the Orthodox, is a present in Ravenna Baptistry dating back to the 5th century and is named after Bishop Neone who did continue building after its predecessor bear.
The baptistery is inserted, by 1996, the list of world heritage sites by UNESCO, within the serial site "early Christian monuments of Ravenna".

The Interior is notable for the decoration of the whole mosaic dome in the time of Bishop Neone. Within three concentric rings are represented various actors:

In the round, Central gold background, is the scene of the baptism of Jesus with Saint John the Baptist in the Act of administering the sacrament to the Christ immersed unto life in Jordan; the second features the twelve apostles range on a blue background, with the clothes (robes and Pallium) alternate in white and gold, and wreaths in hand to offer to Christ.



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