St. George's Cathedral

piazza della cattedrale (Ferrara)

The facade of the Cathedral, built in Romanesque style, has many important details such as articulated loggias, arches, statues, reliefs and rosettes. Some details, to the creation of the rear façade, Gothic characteristics such as the last judgment placed on the porch supported by two unicorns or the statue of the Madonna and child in a loggia above the central portal.
The Interior of the Church is completely different from the external body: two aisles is decorated in Baroque style.

The apse is the ferrarese architect Biagio Rossetti and the apse is frescoed the judgement.

The Bell Tower in pink and white marble has been attributed to Leon Battista Alberti, though in its present form is incomplete.

On the South side of the Cathedral (naturally oriented from West to East the altar) along piazza Trento e Trieste, is decorated with two loggias with small columns carved with different subjects. Now, on the side of the Church, in the loggia dei mercanti, there are some commercial funds.



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