Monastery of Sant'Antonio in Polesine

vicolo del Gambone (Ferrara)

It was founded by the Augustinians in the middle ages and in 1297 it passed to the Benedictine nuns of the blessed Beatrice d'Este, daughter of marcheseAzzo VII. Since then the monastery was always protected and sponsored dagliEstensi.

The Church publishes the complex is Baroque, with a beautiful ceiling fresco in the 17th century by Andrea Ferreri. The internal Church, for religious, owns three frescoed chapels:

The left presents the stories of Jesus ' childhood and the life of the Virgin by Giotto school
The right stories of Passion, always by the Giotto school
The middle one has frescoes of different eras and styles, including the Annunciation by Domenico Panetti and a 16th century grotesques.



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