Rocca Paolina

Piazza Italia 11 (Perugia)

Oggi: 6:15 AM-2:00 AM

Built between 1540 and 1543 by order of Pope Paul III, the Rocca Paolina represented, until 1860, the symbol of the Papal power over the old town. Designed by Antonio da Sangallo the younger, the imposing fortress originally stretched from present-day Italy Square in Largo Cacciatori delle Alpi. Today, after the demolitions unit post, are the impressive underground with stands of the medieval buildings of the old village of Santa Giuliana and houses of B which, together with the Porta Marzia, were incorporated into the fortress. Today the Rocca Paolina is crossed by a path of escalators that connect Piazza Partigiani Italy Square, downtown.



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