Piazza della Borsa

Piazza della Borsa (Trieste)

Piazza della Borsa is one of the main squares of Trieste. Also known as the second city square parlor has been the economic centre of the city throughout the 19th century.
Its present name derives from an obvious name due to the mansion built in 1806 by architect Antonio maceratese Mollari to accommodate the activities of stock traders. This building, which distinguishes the square which is one of the most important examples of neoclassical monuments in Trieste, is currently home of the Camera di commercio, industria, artigianato e agricoltura di Trieste, and is also called the old Bag.

In front of the Palace of the Chamber of Commerce a column supporting the stone figure of an emperor. Is the column of Leopold I of Austria whose son, Charles VI, established in Trieste porto franco.



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