Piazza delle Erbe

Piazza delle Erbe (Verona)

Piazza delle Erbe (or simply piazza Erbe) is the oldest square in Verona, and rises above the area of the Roman Forum.
The northern side is occupied by the old town hall, from Torre dei Lamberti, judges from the House and from the homes of Maher.
The West Side, the smaller one, is closed from the Baroque Palazzo Maffei, adorned with statues of Greek gods: Jupiter, Hercules, Minerva, Venus, mercury and Apollo.

The oldest monument in the square is a fountain surmounted by a statue called "Madonna Verona". This is actually a Roman statue, dated 380.

Another historical monument is the capital, told the Tribune. It is dated around the 13th century,

In front of palazzo Maffei is a superb white marble column, on top of which there is the lion of St. mark, symbol of the Venetian Republic.



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