Piazza del Campo

Piazza del Campo (Siena)

Piazza del Campo is the main square of the town of Siena. Unique for its particular and original clamshell form, is renowned worldwide for its beauty and architectural integrity, and for being the place where twice a year there is the Palio of Siena. For an ancient Convention, the square and the Palazzo Pubblico do not belong to any district.
Overlook among others:

  • Palazzo Comunale
  • Torre del Mangia
  • Cappella di Piazza, marble Tabernacle located at the foot of the Torre del Mangia.
  • Fonte Gaia, the most important town public fountain, bas-reliefs with the creation of Adam and the expulsion of the ancestors and the front pillars, the two statues in the round with Rhea Silvia and Acca Larentia, and the longest, with the Madonna and child enthroned surrounded by the virtues and angels.
  • Sansedoni Palace, which houses the Fondazione Monte dei Paschi Bank.
  • Loggia della Mercanzia



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