Piazza della Loggia

Piazza della Loggia (Brescia)

Piazza della Loggia, or simply known as Piazza Loggia, is one of the main squares of Brescia. Its shape is rectangular, bounded by a series of Venetian buildings, including the Loggia, seat of the City Council of Brescia.
Around the square there are 16th century buildings in clear Venetian style, quite modest in style, but with a strong visual impact, while facing the Loggia, on the eastern side, we find the arcades which are also in Renaissance style, surmounted by the " clock tower", named so because of the presence of an ancient clock of 1546.
Of particular artistic meaning, the watch presented to as many corners 4 Angels gilded copper representation of twenty; and 2 male statues in bronze called vestone "i macc de le ure", marking the day by beating the hammer on the Bell placed on top of the clock.
The North Branch East of the square is the monument to Beautiful Italy, or officially Bell'Italia, monument to the fallen of the ten days of Brescia.



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