via del Castello 9 (Brescia)

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The castle is a medieval fortress perched on the Cidneo Hill, Hill in the heart of Brescia, an ideal place for a panoramic view of the city. The castle is accessed via an imposing 16th-century monumental portal, attributed to Giulio Savorgnan and built on the inspiration of forms of military architecture by Michele Sanmicheli, adorned by a great Lion of Saint Mark and the crests of Rectors from the Veneto region.


Luigi Marzoli arms Museum

In the Visconti keep of the castle of Brescia, exposes one of the richest and most historically interesting collections of ancient weapons in Europe.

Museum of the Risorgimento

Inside you can find a large collection of documents from earlier eras to 1870, from the Venetian age of the late eighteenth century, when the city was conquered by the signoria of Venice, the expedition of the thousand, the wars of independence and the ten days of Brescia.



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