Piazza dei Signori

Piazza dei Signori (Treviso)

The square forms the heart of the city and its cultural, social and historical. East of the square is the Palazzo dei Trecento or della Ragione, built in the 12th century, formerly the seat of the great Council. A scar on the outside walls of the building recalls the significant damage in 1944, during the bombing of Treviso. Currently kept under the loggia of the Palazzo dei Trecento is the Fontana delle Tette, na old fountain sculpted by Treviso, which under the rule of the Republic of Venice clipped white and red wine for special celebrations.

To the North are the Palazzo del Podestà (late 15th century façade, rebuilt several times until the 19th century) and the characteristic Bell Tower. Not far from the Palace, at the beginning of via Calmaggiore, stood the Fontana delle tette, then removed and preserved under the loggia of the Palazzo dei Trecento.



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