Il Romito

Via del Littorale 248 (Livorno)

The Livorno is a waterfront promenade that runs for several kilometres along the coast of the Ligurian Sea, starting from the port area, until you reach the town of Antignano and finish the coastline of Romito.
The path of urban waterfront labronico Castle ends of the Pitcher, in the southernmost area of Antignano. From here, along the via Aurelia (who took the name of via del Littorale), opens a stretch of coastline overlooking the sea particularly impressive, tentatively known as The Romito, where signs emerge of an old lookout stations (the Torre di Calafuria and the Castello Sonnino).

The torre di Calafuria, also known as Mattaccini, Tower has a square plan, with a body of nearly 8 meters on each side supported by a large scarp wall; access is above this mighty pedestal. The Tower, about 20 metres, is closed by a projecting balcony and a four pitched roof. It is present in several films.



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