Sebastiano Satta Square

Piazza Sebastiano Satta (Nuoro)

The square-monument is located at the Centre of Nuoro between corso Garibaldi and the rione di Santu Prédu. It is designed by square a major contemporary artist. The idea of using this space, the old piazza Plebiscito, to honor the "poet of Sardinia", Sebastiano Satta (1867-1914), was completed in 1967 as the sculptor oraneseCostantino Nivola (1911-1988), American veteran experience in contact with architects like Le Corbusier or Saarinen. Nivola began to run a series of sketches and chose the minimalist Street with small bronze representations in gigantic boulders from the monte Ortobene, also in order to bind the urban landscape and the Mountain in the background.



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