Cathedral of San Zeno

Piazza del Duomo (Pistoia)

The San Zeno Cathedral, dedicated to San Zeno vescovo, guards inside the silver altar of San Jacopo. Built in the early Middle Ages, was destroyed by two fires and then rebuilt in the 13th century and subsequently renovated to the modern era. Its exterior dates from the 14th century; the three-nave interior is originally from XIV century, decorated with 17th century frescoes and paintings. Under the presbytery are the remains of a Roman villa visited the Imperial age and the original church. The altar of San Jacopo, in which he also Filippo Brunelleschi, is a masterpiece of sacred and precious metalwork was built between 1456 and 1287.
The Tower, built on an ancient, originelongobarda Tower in Romanesque style; is divided into three orders of loggias and a belfry with Spire that due to earthquakes that flailed in the city in the late medieval period was rebuilt several times. Built in the 12th century, the current appearance dates from 1576; reaches a total height of 67 meters and is one of the most beautiful bell towers of Italy.



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