VIA COSTAGUTA, 2 (Chiavari)

Oggi: 9:00 AM-1:30 PM
7:57 PM-7:57 PM

Open to the public since 1987. Palazzo Costaguta Rocca appears now as the pinacoteca, according to volont? by Giuseppe Rocca that it should, on the basis of the transformations already? operated by Grimaldi, the current look of bourgeois dwelling. Today the way pu? read following three array: the Museum of the city; the living museum and the pinacoteca. the latter presents a selection of paintings relating mainly to the Genoese and Flemish 17th century as the "Three Fates" by bernardo Strozzi, "St. Matthew and the Angel" by Valerio Castello, "Jacob and Laban" by Bartolomeo Banda and the "landscape with the birth of Adonis" attributed to Frederick Fri Valckenborch. Cos? like architecture, its furnishings, pi? that embody a particular taste to collectors, are of layering of four centuries of history, therefore I am a combination of different styles, and? the sum of the news? that have shaped the daily life in a wide arc of time. Here's why? "dellabitare Museum". The typical cusine in masonry on the first mezzanine are a happy example of this cohabitation. In recent decades, how? said, the Palace? become property? of the city, "City Museum": why? the first floor houses the archaeological museum with a collection of finds from the excavations of the Roman necropolis of Chiavari and why?? become the ideal container of other significant artifacts, settled here after cancellations, for example, the sixteenth-century slate Portal from via Rivarola; "Museum?", why? the first floor hosts the prestigious picture gallery "P: Torriglia, coming from the building. Due to the patronage of two important Genoese patrician houses, Torriglia and the collection Invrea sompone part kept at Palazzo Rocca, of forty-five paintings and a sculpture. Masterpieces such as "No sacrifice?" signed and dated by Benedetto Castiglione said Thurs Grechetto (1653) and "still life with dog and game" by Jan Roos (1630). There are also two allegories from Domenico Piola and Stefano Camogli and the paintings by Orazio De Ferrari ("Christ carrying the cross", "Ecce Homo"). It also exposed the Gallery of pictures due to some of the protagonists of Genoese painting, Anton Maria Vassallo and Cesare Court among others. The collection "p. Torriglia, waiting to be permanently open to the public? currently available to schools, citizenship and scholars by appointment with the direction of the Museum.

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