VIA RAVASCHIERI, 15 (Chiavari)

Oggi: 8:30 AM-6:00 PM
7:58 PM-7:58 PM

2 22 °

Lorenzo Garaventa Museum opened in 1997 in the presence of the sculptor who since 1990 has donated more than sixty works: plasters, busts and terracotta sculptures are exhibited in a dining room, while the bronzes and marbles are housed in a terraced garden. It comes with the purpose of preserving and enhancing the art of sculptor and acquaint visitors with the materials and compositional techniques. The the donation includes more than 60 works and over 1500 preparatory drawings and sketches (the latter are preserved in the quadreria Cassani Copello). the operas, made from the 30 's to the 90 's, are plaster, bronze, marble, wood and terracotta; the artist is inspired by Greek mythology, the Latin and the Divine Comedy. Since 2009 was undertaken the activities of cataloguing drawings digital in order to deepen the knowledge of compositional path the artist: from first sketch to sculpture.

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