Piazza del Duomo (Prato)

The Cathedral is dedicated to Saint Stephen. The Church, with three naves, is built in white and green marble. Most likely dates back to the 6th century. Is one of the most important examples of religious architecture in the 12th century and 15th centuries in the region.
Giovanni Pisano, inside a wooden crucifix and his latest masterpiece, the Madonna della Cintola in 1317. There is preserved the relic of the Holy Girdle. The most important works are the external pulpit (built by Michelozzo and decorated by Donatello), the pulpit in Mino da Fiesole, and Antonio Rossellino of 1472, Madonna dell'ulivo, only work carried out together by the famous brothers, Giovanni Da Maiano, Benedetto and Giuliano. In the transept there are frescoes by Filippo Lippi (in the main Chapel), one of the highest expressions of Italian Renaissance, frescoes by Paolo Uccello (the chapel of the assumption), and Agnolo Gaddi (in the sacra Cintola Chapel), inside a bronze railings designed by some of the most important 15th century goldsmiths.



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