Palazzo Lercari-Parodi

via Garibaldi 3 (Genoa)

The palazzo Lercari-Parodi or Franco Lercari Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was built from 1571 by Franco Lercari. In 1845 was bought by the family Parodi, who is still the owner.

The Palace, of which the designer is not known, differs from the New Road. The lower part of the façade is decorated with diamond-tipped Ashlar, while the upper floors were reduced at source by a series of loggias, then closed by glass doors and walled cities in the early 19th century. Always in the façade has particular importance held by two portal telamons with hubs, noses work of Taddeo Carlone, who here recalls the terrible Megollo legend Lercari, ancestor of the client, his enemies vendicatosi mutilandoli of noses and ears.



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