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The Civic Museum Library of actor (CMBA) was founded in 1966 as the field of Teatro Stabile di Genova, then directed by Ivo and Luigi Squarzina Church for host cards, books and theatrical memorabilia of the "family" Salvini (Joseph, Thomas, Celsus, Guido); in 1967, was given by the heir Giuliano Capranica del Grillo, the vast Adelaide Ristori. Fund In 1971 is the Foundation "Civic Museum Library of actor of the Teatro Stabile of Genoa"; founding members are the municipality of Genoa, Genoa, Genoa Chamber of Commerce, Teatro Stabile di Genova. In 1976, by presidential decree is recognized the legal personality of the institution. In 1982 was inaugurated in the presence of the Mayor, the new headquarters of the Foundation in Villa Serra, specially renovated by the municipality of Genoa. In 1994 the Liguria region recognizes the Museum's Library as a "cultural institution of regional interest". known and appreciated at national level in all areas of theatrical culture, Civic Museum Library of actor a foundation that aims to study Theater historian and critic, scenic art and Italian actor conditions from the beginning of the 18th century onwards. This purpose pursued by a sopecializzata Library in dramatic theatre and cinema, which today owns approximately 40000 volumes and an archive that preserves about 72mila autographs; 69mila photographs; 1300 scripts; 4000 between sketches, sketches, cartoons, original drawings, posters, posters; 62mila press clippings; 7000. Hall programs The CMBA also owns a collection of costumes belonged to actors like Adelaide Ristori, Ermete Zacconi, lamberto Picasso, Sergio tofano, Lilla Brignone and others. The most valuable are the work of Worth and Talbot. Among the valuable museum collections there also a puppet theatre, the puppet theatre, which from March Rissone 2006 exhibited in the Museum of Sant'Agostino. In the same study preserved Museum Glberto Govi, with the actor's archive. All this heritage that is well known and appreciated in national headquarters, in fact not well known to most citizens, for the CMBA has neither a permanent exhibition venue and can show his treasures only during exhibitions, publications or prestandoli to other Entities for national exhibitions. istituzional Activities and Library and archive, in addition to the inventory of its funds catalogazionee the opening to the public for a total of 21 hours per week. The reference service for users, sending information by email, telephone, fotocop ie, CDs, etc. Great importance is the store, with its collections, for the realization of theses and studies on theatre, which cater students and scholars from all over Italy and abroad. Privileged referents of study and research activities are the teachers of the disciplines related to theater and spectacle, both of the University of Genoa that all universities and DAMS. The CMBA organizes and contributes to the realisation of exhibitions, meetings, guided tours, presentations of books and draw up studies publications relating to material preserved.

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