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La villa del Principe? the pi? vast and sumptuous aristocratic residence, the Palace of the one "Prince" the city? ever had. Was the 1521 when Andrea Doria, v and Admiral legendary weapons, gave way to what would become the place of peace to return of his countless journeys and the abode chosen by his successors: the Doria Pamphilj family. Today the Villa del Principe? a monumental place full of hidden treasures as you can? Discover along its rooms, admiring its frescoes and tapestries or strolling between the fountains of his 16th-century Garden. In addition to dimora storica? can visit an temporary exhibition each year, from March to September. The view of avr 2011? How to thread the theme of "Vanitas" and sar? focusing on masterpieces like the "Penitent Magdalene" by Caravaggio along with paintings by Lorenzo Lotto, Guercino, Mattia Preti.

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