Statue Of Regisole

Piazza del Duomo (Pavia)

The Regisole late antique bronze equestrian statue, was already stored at Pavia. The origin of the statue is not clear: If some speculate that he was the monument to the Ostrogothic King Theodoric the great, merged in the early 6th century, according to other sources brought to Aachen by Charlemagne, others believe that the work, documented since the 11th century, was originally placed in the Royal Palace, and transported to its new Headquarters after a popular uprising of 1024, when the building was destroyed. Located in front of the Cathedral, it was by then one of the city's symbols, depicted for example the silver seal of the municipality.

The new Regisole, a bronze statue high 6 meters on a travertine base, so it was put back in front of the Cathedral and solemnly inaugurated on December 8, 1937.



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