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Fr. Cassian was a Capuchin friar, and his ideal of Capuchin life tried to represent him with the creation of the Museum was founded in 1978.
It was a collection of artifacts, documents and testimonies about the costume, the furnishings, the unfolding of the daily life of the convents. The friars have wanted to live up to the idea of Fr. Cassian and have decided to open this new Museum in step with the times ...
The Museum of cultural heritage the Capuchins of Genoa is a modern structure. The intent is to help you better understand which fascinating world lies behind the life of a monk through temporary exhibitions focusing now on a subject now on another, but always with an eye towards activities that the Capuchins genovesi have played, and still play, within their convents rely.
From 2005 to present the proposed Museum exhibitions with which it was possible to present to the public part of the cultural heritage of Liguria Capuchins collected with great zeal by the Capuchin Fathers from various monasteries that the crisis of vocations have been closed in recent years. Are part of the permanent collection of the Museum important names of painting and sculpture such as Ligurian: Bernardo Strozzi, Domenico Fiasella, Luca Cambiaso, Orazio De Ferrari, Giovanni Battista Paggi, Domenico Piola, Anton Maria Maragliano.

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