Palazzo Corsini Al Parione

Via di Parione 11 (Florence)

The Palazzo Corsini al Parionealso said, is one of the most sumptuous private palaces in Florence is located on the Lungarno Corsini 10.

This building is the main family in Florence. On the ground where stretches were various buildings, the most important of which was the Casino del Parione, with Park, already erected on confiscated houses in 1555 in Bindo Altoviti. It was given first to the Marquis of Marignano, then to Don Giovanni de ' Medici, son of Cosimo I and Eleonora degli Albizi. In 1621 he moved to Cardinal Giovan Carlo de ' Medici and in 1640 was sold to Maddalena Machiavelli, mother of Bartolomeo Corsini, who then passed on by inheritance in 1650, entering in the family assets.

The Palace, in the traditional Florentine architecture, represented a first fully Baroque style. This follows from the original choice to highlight dramatically the façade on the River, by the use of bellies, the Central terrace, Windows with elliptical arcs, inflated by penthouses with balustrades decorated with vases and statues--all unpublished elements then to Florence, which were often copied, especially suburban buildings such as villas and casini. The Palace is spread with three main buildings arranged around a large courtyard. The right wing is double size of the left, because the original project, not completed, foresaw a greater volume of complex, with further development towards Piazza Goldoni.

You enter the courtyard from a portal surmounted by a crest Corsini carved and flanked by columns. A view with a balustrade runs along the wall where the door opens and continues on the whole façade up to the main floor. Beyond the balustrade can be seen from the opposite side of the main building, set back from the side fronts, creating a game of full and empty spaces where there is no monotony.

The charming eighteenth crowning the roof, typically has a terrace with stone balustrade decorated with stone statues and vases to ancient crater in terracotta; creates a striking decorative effect and spectacular, which refers to the idea of a theatre scene or fifths of Italian garden decorations.



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