Fountain Masini

Piazza del Popolo (Cesena)

Oggi: 12:00 AM-11:59 PM
2:50 PM-2:50 PM

The fountain Masini is a monumental fountain located in Cesena in piazza del Popolo.

Already the idea of Malatesta Novello smoldered beautify Piazza Maggiore with a fountain, but you had to wait for more than a century for his dream to come true. The design of the fountain was supplied in 1588 by the painter and architect cesenate Francesco Masini, while the hydraulic works had already been designed to start by Tommaso Laureti between 1581 and 1583; between 1586 and 1590, then, the stonemason Domenico da Montevecchio and his aides realized the fountain and in 1591, finally began gushing water from the fountain. Legend has it that the fountain appealed both to Cesena and provided so much envy in nearby cities, which in Magallanes were amputated both his hands. However there are actual historical evidence, the story emphasizes the love of Cesena for the fountain that has been beautifully preserved over the centuries.

Best known symbol of Cesena, is a nice example of mannerist architecture-sculpture, coeval of Nadesan bolognese, but differs significantly, especially in the ornamental. The fountain was made of Istrian stone, is high on three steps on the piazza del Popolo; each façade is decorated with a pair of fluted pilasters supporting a curvilinear tympanum



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