Source Aretusa

Largo Aretusa (Syracuse)

The Aretusa is a body of water in the island of Ortigia, in the oldest part of the city, a meeting place between fact and legend, one of the most beautiful monuments in Siracusa.

It is a circular pond with inside another circular structure, i.e. a double concentric circle set in papyrus.

The myth is that of the nymph Arethusa. Alpheus God, son of Oceanus, fell in love with her spying while taking a bath naked. Arethusa fled the island of Ortigia, in Syracuse, where the goddess Artemis the changed into a source.

Zeus, moved by the pain of alphaeus, changed into river in turn, allowing him to join the beloved source.

The myth continues in the Diana fountain in Piazza Archimede.

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