Piazza San Zeno

Piazza San Zeno (Verona)

Oggi: 8:30 AM-6:00 PM
6:55 PM-6:55 PM

Piazza San Zeno is a square in Verona, located in the neighborhood.

On the square facing the Basilica of San Zeno and the Abbey of San Zeno. The area was already inhabited in Roman times, although he was not very close to the city, since here joined the Via Gallica and the via Postumia. In this area stretched the necropolis town, occasional presence is documented by archaeological finds, including a number of graves. According to tradition in one of these cemeteries is born on Christianity in Verona and San Zeno's predecessors were buried here.

In the fifth century was founded, isolated from the rest of the town, the Church of San Procolo, the first building constructed where there was still the square, which would be formed later in the 9th century with the construction of the Basilica di San Zeno. They created so slowly a number of houses built in an organic way to the square. Next to the Basilica di San Zeno were then a monastery with cloisters, gardens, vegetable gardens. Slowly around San Zeno formed a small town called burgus Sancti Zenonisborgo San Zeno, who became an area of some importance.

In the 13th century the Church was enlarged, and the Abbey tower was built on his left flank, which housed the emperors in their stays in Verona. The piazza di San Zeno does not present great variation from its origin to today, and today everything revolves around this square.



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