Oggi: Chiuso

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The villa? built at the end of ' 800 by Cross on a pre-existing building from the 16th-17th century, which probably keeps the wall structure, in the suburban area transformed by construction of Ring glue 1897 at sea, the coastal road that connects the city centre to the outskirts. The allotment of residential area surrounding the villa, which partly reduces the property? , using a new model of nineteenth-century dwelling house to which the building itself adhere to the treatment of elevations resolved with rusticated base and elevation from marcadavanzale frames and rhythmic string courses and pinnacles around the openings. In 1951 the owners give the villa with surrounding garden to the commune of Genoa to target a Museum and public park; from 1985? the seat of the Museum of contemporary art after restoration which reconstructs the original spaces filologicamente eliminating incongruous items, restoring damaged parts during the last war and retrieving both the nineteenth-century wall decorations in eclectic style is still existing furnishings. Do not? been recovered the original pastel painting skin of prospectuses but? been used a monochrome white tint revived inside in the two upper floors without decorations.

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