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The magnificent art heritage Japanese and Chinese Chiossone Museum, the first of its kind organized in the form of public exhibition in Italy at the Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti di Genova (1905), was collected in Japan between 1875 and 1898 by Edoardo Chiossone (1833-1898), Genoese engraver who excelled work in Tokyo in the workshop papers and Poligrafico values the Finance Ministry between 1875 and 1891. The collection includes paintings, polychrome prints Ukiyoe, illustrated books, Buddhist sculptures and liturgical objects, archaeological objects, bronzes, coins, lacquerware, porcelains, enamels, theatrical masks, armor and weapons, musical instruments, textiles, costumes and clothing complements. the path Museum outlines the main phenomena in the history of the artistic culture of Japan and its relations with East Asia. The Antiquities, the advent and development of Buddhism, the civilisation of the samurai, the evolution of the metallotecnica and of the applied arts in the Edo period (1600-1868) arguments are presented for thematic and technical classes, as well as highlight the disciplinary systems and various arts technicians on wide common background pi of history and culture. The two galleries on the upper floors, renovated with new exhibition facilities in 2001 with the aim of contribution Foundation Cassa di risparmio di Genova e Imperia, hosting both temporary exhibitions and exhibitions rolling Museum heritage. a museum to international vocation. The Chiossone Museum and its collections are a great potential for the growth of the international cultural, for cultural exchanges between Genoa, Japan and active environments in the world in the study of Japanese arts and culture. Much appreciated and known internationally are the collections of polychrome paintings, prints and illustrated books XVII-XIX centuries, as well as lacquers, bronzes, porcelains. In unltimi 15 years the Museum has developed strong relationships and partnerships with scientific and economic entities, in particular with the Japan Foundation, the National Institute for cultural heritage research in Tokyo and Sumitomo Foundation by organizing programmes of conservation and restoration from 1997 to today allowed the redevelopment of 52 paintings and a precious Cabinet in lacquer and mother-of-Pearl. In addition, in collaboration with the National Institute of Japanese literature, edi, the University of Tokyo and Kyoto, the Hosei University and Kyoto National Museum are underway ricrca programs and specialized cataloging on various sections of the collections (Japanese book Fund, Chinese book Fund, theatre masks collection). in addition to the many activities in the exhibition, the Museum has organized and produced for the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa a view of lacquers (1996) and one of paintings and Ukiyoe prints (2005); for the National Museum of Oriental art in Rome a retrospective exhibition on the collecting activity of Edoardo Chiossone (1996); for the journal of Kobe an exhibition of paintings and stampre Ukiyoe, itinerata in five Japanese public museums (2001-2002). The Chiossone Museum also carries out an intense activity as a provider of outstanding works in exhibitions and international importance, including exhibitions organized by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, from the Palazzo Reale in Milan and Tokyo National Museum.

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