Church of St John the Baptist

via Pecunia (Riomaggiore)

Located in the highest part of the historical center riomaggiorese, its construction took place in 1340, as stated by a plaque on the facade, at the behest of the bishop of the diocese of Luni Antonio Fieschi.

An important and meaningful review of the entire building was carried out between 1870 and 1871, due to a collapse, with the stretching of the complex and the renovation of the façade in neo-Gothic style, but retain the fourteenth-century rose window in white marble Carrara. the original structure are still visible today, in the right side of the church, the single and the two entrances in the Gothic style, the latter decorated with zoomorphic and anthropomorphic elements. The interior is divided into three naves, a basilica, and with pointed arches.

Among the works of art preserved a triptych in the right aisle attributed to the master Benedetto Antelami or its sculptural school, a painting depicting the Preaching of John the Baptist, painted by Domenico sarzanese Fiasella, a wooden crucifix by Anton Maria Maragliano and marble pulpit of 1663.



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