Church of San Francesco

Salita San Cristoforo (Monterosso al Mare)

Built on the hill that divides the two centers of Fegina and Monterosso, the entire convent, with adjoining the church in the Franciscan style, were built from 1619 up to 1622, the year that saw, March 28, the opening of the site the religious order. The church was consecrated in 1623 by the bishop of Luni and Sarzana Monsignor Giovanni Battista Salvago.

With the advent of the Napoleonic domination, between the late eighteenth century and early nineteenth century, the religious complex was confiscated to the Franciscans (1810) and converted to the seat of a garrison dellaRepubblica Ligure in the First French Empire. 1816, after the fall of Napoleon Bonaparte, will be the year of the return of the friars.

Inside the church there are different paintings and sculptures such as: Martyrdom of the Capuchin Saints on the counter (eighteenth century), a Christ mocked by Bernardo Castello and a painting of the Crucifixion by some attributed to the famous Flemish painter Anthony van Dyck or simply to an unknown Italian painter of the seventeenth century who was inspired to master the technique.



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