Sanctuary of our Lady of Soviore

Strada provinciale 38 (Monterosso al Mare)

The exact date of construction is still uncertain today; and the only official quotation of the building can be traced in a document dated 1244, its construction could be therefore prior to that date.

Among the many reasons which led to erect the sanctuary there is an ancient folk legend: during the raids of the Longobards of Rotari, the populations of the eastern coast fled towards the interior of the valley, and to subtract the probable theft a sacred image of the Madonna the wooden statue was buried; The legend says that it was found a hundred years later by the population, following the flight of a dove who took refuge in a tunnel doing so finding the oldest Marian image.

The cult success in the centuries grew among the population, as well as quotes a fourteenth century tombstone, walled in the presbytery, thus leading to the construction of the "house of the pilgrim" and entrusting to the rector and the Confraternity of the sanctuary of the hospital care of Monterosso al Sea.

Two documents of the fifteenth century, the first, dated to 1484 again cite the now Soviore sanctuary, certifies the award of the church to Friar Simon Fassio on the decision of Pope Sixtus IV and the second quote, from 1488, bears witness to the granting of ' plenary indulgence - by Pope Innocent VIII - on the occasion of the feast of the Assumption of Mary.



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