Manarola (Riomaggiore)

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Manarola ancient village of the Ligurian Riviera di Levante, is a fraction of the town of Riomaggiore, in the province of La Spezia, and is one of the Cinque Terre.

Upstream it come to the main square of Manarola around which arise the Oratory of the Disciplined, the bell tower and the parish church of San Lorenzo, built in Gothic style, dating from 1338. The facade of the church, local sandstone , it is characterized by a fine rose window.

Since 1961, at Christmas time, on the hill overlooking the village begins with a striking illuminated nativity scene (the largest in the world), whose characters, handcrafted by Mario Andreoli, retired railwayman, are made up of thousands and thousands of lights mounted of special patterns that give the representation a unique charm to the world. In addition to the famous crib, around Easter, Mario Andreoli realized on the same hill a bright Via Crucis. Instead, for the Feast of St. Lawrence it is lit a representation of the saint with the famous gridiron.

August 10, is held every year on the Feast of St. Lawrence, the patron saint of the country. In the evening a procession is carried through the streets of the country, culminating with the transfer of the sedan with the statue of the saint on a boat, which, starting from the landing of Palaedo, he returned to the Navy. From here resumed the procession, going up to Serravalle, it ends at the church of San Lorenzo.

How to get there

Manarola can be reached through two main paths, both reported from La Spezia section of CAI.

The first is the ridge trail number 1, known as Alta Via delle Cinque Terre. This old path runs along the watershed that separates the Cinque Terre coastline from Val di Vara and is a sub-branch of the Ligurian Alta Via dei Monti, which connects at Zatta.
To reach the village from the ridge trail you must take one of the following cross paths: the path 6 at Monte Marvede, trail 6 / a at Monte Capri or trail 02 at Monte Galera.

The second main route consists of the coastal path number 2, part of a larger route that crosses the entire Ligurian Riviera and is known as a blue path, which crosses all of the Cinque Terre in Riomaggiore daMonterosso, taking in the stretch between the latter Manarola and the appearance of the famous Via dell'Amore. This infrastructure, which gives recognition to Manarola as the typical wine Sciachetrà, was excavated in the rock, overlooking the sea, between 1926 and 1928 as a way of service during the railway construction. Closed for a long time in the nineties, the walk was reopened in recent years after a careful restoration and closed in 2012 following the landslide. Unlike that of the ridge, the trail is subject to payment of an entrance fee imposed by the Cinque Terre National Park.



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