Saint Margaret of Antioch

Via G M Pensa 5 (Vernazza)

The Church of Saint Margaret of Antioch is a religious building located in via Ettore Vernazza Cinque Terre Vernazza in Riviera spezzina-in the province of La Spezia. The Church is home to the homonymous parish of the Diocese of La Spezia-Sarzana-Brugnato.

According to some sources the first church was built in Romanesque style in the eleventh century or already in the 12th century. The new Church will be rebuilt on the foundations of the previous, probably in the 13th century by the Magistri Antelami because the building is mentioned for the first time in a deed dated to 1318.

Studies and surveys suggest that the original church was to have a plant in the style of a Basilica with three naves and three apses.

In the 16th and 17th centuries the building was greatly expanded, destroying the medieval façade, however, with the building of two bays for aisle and an increase in overall volumes. In the 18th century and in 1750 was a new reinterpretation that led to the Baroque style interiors Romanesque (the primary style of the Church was restored in the restoration work carried out between 1964 and 1970), followed by the replacement of the wooden roof with vaults and the raising of the Bell Tower; the latter, octagonal and 40 metres high, rests directly on the four pillars of the presbytery.

Current access to the Church, to the square, is housed in the sanctuary during interventions in the 19th century.

Inside are preserved two paintings of the seventeenth century, a procession statue and a wooden crucifix, the latter attributed to the Genoese sculptor Anton Maria Maragliano or otherwise at his school.

The Church has a pipe organ two keyboards and electric transmission built by organ House Tamburini of cream in 1975



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